The level 5 and Watford U15’s coach Louis Lancaster’s brings up the warm up he did with his team last week.

Part 1.  

football coaching

#1 Players jog across side to side for 5 minutes. They can jog alone, in a group, take a ball, whatever they wish.

Part 2.

football coaching

#2 10 minutes of dynamics using the footballs as cones.

Part 3.

football warm up

#3 Possession game in the corner for 2 minutes. 2 teams with 3 neutral players.

Part 4. 

football warm up

#4 Players have 2 minutes to themselves. I have no say in what they do, they do whatever they want as long as it is beneficial to their game.

#3 Back to number 3 for 2 minutes

Part 5.

football warm up

#5 Players again have 2 minutes and this is what they did.

Next game the warm up will be different as I feel routine warm ups do not warm up players mentally.

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