Match: Arsenal vs Monaco

Duration of warm up: 23 Minutes

Competition: Champions League

Date: 25.02.2015

Part 1. 

screening forward pasess

The players jogged across the pitch individually for around 2-3 minutes. They then did their dynamic and static stretching with staff for 4.30 minutes.


Part 2.

screening forward pasess

The starting 10 got into pairs and were receiving and releasing the ball over 10 yards. It progressed to 20 yards and lasted for 3 minutes.


Part 3.

screening forward pasess

The passing cones were picked up and then it was 5v5 non directional possession for 2 minutes. What was interesting was the players came out wearing the football bibs.


Part 4.

monaco warm up

The middle cones were then picked up and then it was 5v5 directional practice. Blues visit left to right with whites right to left. To score players had to run the ball through the gates for 3 minutes.


Part 5.

monaco warm up

Players then went through a few patterns. It finished up with 2v2 attacking the cross for 5 minutes. About 3 minutes in the CBs went off and did heading work with the coach.

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