At Discount Football Kits we teamed up with Level 5 coach Louis Lancaster to bring you his top training drills and insights into the game.

You can download this PDF completely free of charge which has every training drill, player technique session, and football tactic insights. Download the document here.

What’s in the document?

Football Training Drills 

1) Football Circuit

2) Speed and Agility Ladder Drills

3) Off Season Individual Training

4) Enjoyable Speed and Agility Drills

5) Position Specific Weekly Challenges

6) Ball Warm Ups

7) Football Tennis

8) Improving 1st Touch

9) Possession Ideas

10) More Possession Ideas

11) Risk Or Retain Possession of the Ball

12) Receiving and Releasing the Ball on the Move

13) Receiving the Ball on the Move

14) Playing Out from the Back

15) Switching Play

16) Transition Games

17) Midfield Movement

18) No.10 Sessions

19) Awareness ‘Knowledge or Perception of a Situation’

20) Defending When Out of Balance

21) Defending When Outnumbered

22) Defending Practices

23) Intense Pressure

24) Pressing Progressions

25) Finishing Games

26) Shooting Training Session

27) Attacking Centrally

28) Attacking Centrally With No Strikers

29) Dribbling In 1v1 Situations

30) Variety of 1v1’s

31) Decision Making Games

32) @LouisLancs Training Sessions

33) What’s Your Signature Session?

Player Skills 

34) Learn The Ronaldo Free Kick

35) How Messi Runs With The Ball

36) Player Skills

37) RVP Volley Technique

Tactical Insight 

38) Champions League Prediction

39) Mesut Ozil

40) Advantages of Zonal Marking


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