Play Like Spain – Possession in Tight Spaces

1. Possession Boxes – 20 minutes


  • Easy: 3 v 1/4 v 1/5 v 1
  • Moderate: 5 v 2/6 v 2 7 v 2
  • Advanced: 3 v 2 4 v 2/5 v 3
  • Coach sets out a number of passes as a target which = 1 goal
  • Coach can vary size of areas, numbers of players to suit certain individuals,
  • Advance: allow players more freedom – rotate, collect in the middle

Key Tips

  • Play touch under high pressure (back foot)
  • Play 2/3 touch when no pressure on the ball
  • Wait until the pressure arrives before passing
  • Know where the next pass is before it arrives
  • Add disguise and flair to the pass
  • Use both feet
  • When rotating – perform early with good verbal/nonverbal communication

2. ‘Rhonda Session’ – 20 minutes


  • 3 teams of 4 players (adaptable to 3 3’s)
  • Whites must combine with any Red at any time (Red can pass to Red)
  • The primary playmakers are the 2 middle Whites and the objective is to get them on the ball as much as possible
  • The Yellows look to tackle White but cannot tackle the outside players
  • If the Yellows win the ball cleanly, they pass to an end White and rotate role with the Reds – Whites must look to play quickly in the transition
  • The practice continues
  • Coach rotates the roles of the teams

Key Tips

  • Whites be aware of surroundings by scanning the pitch repeatedly
  • Whites play quickly with quality
  • Yellows press quickly and together
  • Reds – Play eyes up, recycle the ball if no pass is on a White
  • Keep the ball!
  • All players must be switched on at all times

3. Combination Play – ‘Finishing’ 20 minutes


  • 3 teams of equal numbers
  • Coach designates 1 defending team
  • The other 2 teams can link with each other
  • See diagram 8 v 4 (Reds = defenders)
  • Players are on a one touch limit
  • To score there has to be a minimum of 2 passes before a shot at one of the 4 goals
  • The practices encourage quick link up play
  • Coach ensures every team defends
  • Add GK if you have them


  • 10 ball sequences – add scores up when everyone has defended
  • Counter attack goals count

Key Tips

  • Scan the pitch repeatedly to know where the next pass is and where the nearest goal is
  • Set the ball cleanly in front the ball striking player
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