Play Like Portugal – Fast Attacking

1. Football Tag


  • 3 teams
  • 1 team = catchers
  • 1 team = dodgers
  • 1 team = the releasers (ball each)
  • The dodgers escape the catchers by performing football related movements
  • If the dodger is caught they freeze and form a bridge with their legs
  • The releaser must dribble the ball and nutmeg the dodger to free them back into the game
  • The game stops when all of the dodgers have been frozen at the same time

Key Tip

  • Check shoulders and stay alert

2. 1 v1


  • 3 pop up goals
  • 3 ‘break out gates’ traffic cones
  • 2 poles to mark out scoring zone
  • Players are separated in 2 different lines, alternately placed as in the diagram
  • Each player has a ball
  • To score a valid goal the attacker must score in 1 of the 2 pop up goals once passed the score zone line
  • As soon as an attempt at a goal is made the attackers instantly becomes a defender and the next attacker drives with the ball at the spare pop up goal, the process repeats itself
  • If the defender wins possession of the ball, they counter attack and run the ball through the gated area (traffic cones)
  • The defender player must be reminded that after they finish the sequence to bring the ball back to the queue.


  • Bring the goals closer together to create a more competitive 1 v 1 battle
  • 2 v 1 sequence: attack – defend – support – collect ball

Key Tips

  • Attack quickly
  • Assess the developing situation and alter the decision accordingly in relation to the defenders starting position, body shape and running momentum
  • Express yourself

3. Attacking in 2’s


  • Players are split into 2 teams – 1 team attacks north, the other south
  • Players will always attack in 2;s
  • Players can only score in the ‘score zone’ marked by poles
  1. Golden Rules – The player who shoots must touch the ‘bar or post’ before they rejoin the game and defend
  2. Once the attacking team have scored/ missed the other team attack straight away – leaving a 2 v 1 situation with a RECOVERING DEFENDER
  3. Players will always finish back at their end and swap sides each go
  4. Coach varies which side (right or left) the ball starts from

Key Tips

  • Attack with pace and intent before the recovery defender rejoins to make a 2 v 2
  • Pass only if your team mate is in a better scoring position than you!
  • Promote counter attacking when the ball is turned over
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