Play Like Romania – Attacking/Defensive Headers

1. Heading Warm Up


  • One ball between two players
  • Head rally
  • How many can you and your partner perform?
  • Use air light balls for players 6 – 9 years’ old

2. Defensive Heads

  • Red serves to Yellow
  • Just above head height to encourage jump
  • Yellow must try to head it over Red for a point
  • Swap roles after 3 repetitions

Key Tips

  • Mouth closed
  • Eyes open
  • Point the nose to stay on impact
  • Trajectory of the ball should be high and far

3. Attacking Heads


  • Red serves to Yellow, head height or slightly below
  • Red immediately becomes the goalkeeper / Yellow must try to score
  • Swap roles after 5


  • Server starts on one of the cones and serves from the corner – the attacker looks to place the header either across the goal or back to the server’s post, dependent on the momentum shift of the keeper
  • Swap cones

4. Football Tennis


  • 2 teams
  • The ball must go over the net with a header
  • Any other touches can be with any body part except the head

Key Tip

  • Have fun!
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