Play Like R.O.I – Defending as a Unit

1. Possession Box


  • 5 v 2 possession box
  • 7 passes = 1 goal
  • Player who gives away possession plus the player to their left replaces the middle 2 defenders
  • Players stay in the middle if the ball splits the 2 defenders

Key Tips

  • Work together as a defensive unit
  • Nearest defender shuts down the ball
  • The defender furthest away from the ball, sits behind on a diagonal cover to prevent the ball going through the middle
  • Set traps (force the attackers into an error)
  • 1st defender deflects attacker into the area they want them to pass

2. Build Up Play


  • Green attempt to build up play so they can play forwards into the playmaker (no passes over head height)
  • White must intercept the ball going into the playmaker (staying in their zone)
  • They cannot tackle Green (passive defending)
  • Rotate positions

Key Tips

  • Nearest player shuts down the ball (being aware of where the playmaker is)
  • Secondary and tertiary players support closely and just behind the primary defender to prevent the ball going through
  • Check shoulders as you press
  • Deny first, if you cannot deny space delivery, stop forward pass

3. Attack Vs Defence


  • Green = try and score
  • White = Defend and counter attacks through the gate
  • Swap roles for fun at the end of the session

Key Tip

  • Defensive unit – deflect the attackers wide
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