Play Like Iceland – Role of the Playmaker

1. Possession Box


  • 4 v 2 + 1 playmaker
  • 2 defenders look to win the ball cleanly
  • if they do Blue becomes defender in a 2 v 1 situation
  • White’s job is to keep possession and attempt to use the playmaker; Blue as much as possible

Key Tips

  • Play to the play maker’s safe side
  • Communicate before the pass e.g. “bounce/turn”
  • Play maker scan

2. 6-7 Players


  • Middle players receive from their team and pass through to the opposite end
  • Possession turnover


  • 2 v 1 in the middle with a floating play maker
  • Rotate roles

Key Tips

  • Create space away from the flow of the lateral pass
  • Go/show, show/go, hide/slide movements
  • Beat the defender 1 v 1 if needed

3. Counter attacking


  • 1 playmaker zone (only the playmaker can operate in here)
  • Blue attacks goal, White defends goal and counter attack through the poles

Key Tips

  • Playmaker create space to receive on the back foot
  • Playmaker drives with the ball: if engaged by the defender play round them. If the defence retreat, shoot from distance
  • Be creative with passing, add disguise
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