Play like Portugal– Pressing High

1 – Unopposed pressing


3 Groups

Cones set out as above – Space between each cone should be 8 yards

Coaches command first three players press the coaches chosen areas.


Press! – Opposite Cone

Press Right! – Nearest diagonal cone to the right

Press Left! – Nearest diagonal cone to the left

Press Again! – Second cone pressures – Blue

Recover! – Track back

Key points

  • Fast Reactions
  • Body Shape when pressing
  • Players don’t dive in


2 – Opposed Pressing


  • 4 Goals
  • 2 Goalkeepers
  • 3 Defenders
  • 2 Wingers – 2 gates for each winger
  • 2 Midfielders

The practice begins with two centre midfielders, attacking the 3 defenders and aiming to score against the goalkeeper.

If the defending team win possession of the ball they must then pass the ball out wide to either of the neutral players who then both attack the centre midfielders in a 2v2 situation and aim to score in one of three mini goal.

Key Points

  • Transition
  • Shape
  • Speed
  • Reaction


3 – Transition using wide areas


  • 5 Defenders
  • 4 Attackers
  • 2 Wingers – for the attacking team
  • 3 mini goals
  • 1 Big goal

Team with possession should always try and use the wingers, when the defending team regain possession of the ball they should play out wide early to the two wingers who must then score in one of the small goals.

Key point

  • Create space
  • Play out wide quickly
  • Determination
  • Fast Reaction
  • Must always encourage 1v1 in wide areas.

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