Play Like Hungary – Scoring from corners

1. The cluster


  • Players gather in a tight space on the edge of the penalty box.
  • During the ‘run up’ phase of the taker, the players de-cluster and sprint into different areas of the penalty zone.
  • Hard for opposition to man mark
  • Attacking the ball on the run
2. Man marked players


  • Players line up – expecting to be ‘man marked’
  • First 4 players run towards the goal taking their markers with them
  • The back player runs across the penalty spot unmarked (marker being blocked off) and finishes from a cut back
  • Free shot with the boot
  • Likely to take a positive deflection
3. Corner of the ‘D’


  • Players bunch up at the corner of the ‘D’
  • 1 player at the near post runs towards the taker and plays a ‘wall pass’ with the taker
  • The taker then drops a softly weighted pass to the deep support player
  • The support player looks to shape a fast delivered cross away from the goalkeeper onto the on rushing pack of attacks who attack from back to front
  • Surprise
  • Attacking the ball on the run
  • Large space between defenders and goalkeeper
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