Play Like Sweden – Finish from Crosses

1. Finish From Crosses


Cross 1

  • 2 lines of players with a ball each
  • 2 plays a start on the pole
  • A ½ is played around the pole
  • The wide player crosses in to the player at the front of the opposite queue who looks to finish
  • Crosser joins the queue
  • Player who played wide becomes the crosser
  • Same is repeated on the other side

Cross 2

  • COMBINATION as played before
  • The crosser now cuts the ball back to the same who combined with the wide player
  • Same is repeated on the other side


Key Tips

  • Alter stride length when approaching the ball
  • Eyes up to spot the most open position in the goal
  • Strike with the back foot of the cross is in front/front foot if level or slightly behind
  • Lean forwards, and connect with the middle of the ball

2. 6 Set Players


  • Coach puts in place 6 set players
  • 2 on the right/2 on the left (FB + WG)
  • 2 centre backs
  • The rest of the players take up a role in 2 queues facing the goal


  • 1 plays to 2 who sets it back for 1 to cross in one touch
  • 3 and 4 time their runs to score from the cross
  • The defenders look to clear / block / intercept the cross and score
  • The practice is repeated on the other side


  • 1 plays to 2
  • 2 runs with the ball along the goal line to commit the first defender
  • 3 and 4 alter runs accordingly to finish from a cut back or a ball across the face of the goal
  • Defenders look to block intercept/clear

Key Tips

  • Attacks run towards the goal, then stop or drop off (this will move the defenders backwards)
  • Finish with nearest foot to the ball

3. 4 Stations


  • 4 stations numbered 1-4 (2 footballs at each station)
  • 3 teams of equal numbers
  • Blue = Crossers, Grey = Defenders, Yellow = Attackers
  • The coach yells out a number (1-4) the player at the corner crosses the ball and looks to pick out an attacker
  • Each attacking team get 8 balls to score from (1 point for a goal)
  • When the ball leaves the playing area the ball is dropped
  • Each team gets a turn at every role x 2

Key Tip

  • Anticipate
  • Be brave
  • Select finish dependent on pace of delivery, above goalkeeper
  • Create space
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