Play Like Belgium/France – Attacking Third – Combination Play

1. Combination Warm Up


  • Players are separated into 3’s in 3 different queues
  • The central players start with the ball and perform a soft space pass
  • To one of the outside players
  • The passer then overlaps at speed around the incoming wide player
  • The wide player turns passer and also plays a space pass in front of the third active player – the overlap repeats
  • Stop when the players are out of space

Key Tip

  • Soft pass / Fast overlap
  • Play the pass in front of the attacker to avoid momentum loss

2. Non-contact pattern play


  1. 2 central midfielders combine and play a soft pass to encourage the wide player to collect the ball. Leaving space for the full back to overlap. The wide player slides in the FB with a space pass. Full back crosses for 2 strikers to finish at goal
  2. 2 central midfielders combine and play a soft pass out to encourage the wide player to come in off the line. The FB overlaps as before but the wide player uses them as a decoy and cuts inside. They link with a strike at goal. The ST follows in for a rebound.

2 Progressions

  • WG plays a bounce pass with ST and switches the play (triggers overlap)
  • WG plays to first ST who steps over the ball. The second ST plays a returns pass to the ST who scores

COACH: Vary play from both sides

3. Finding a Solution


  • 2 equal teams
  • 8 footballs
  • 4 goals/pop up goals
  • 1 team start off attackers, the other team defend
  • The coach calls out a number 1-4 the nearest attacker responds by collecting a ball
  • To score a valid goal there must be a direct pass to another attacker before shooting
  • Once all the balls have been used, the practice stops


  • If the defending team block the goals on purpose add in a rule that 3 passes also count as a goal

Key Tip

  • Combine quickly off 1 and 2 touches
  • Check shoulders to aid decision making
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