Play Like Croatia – 1 Touch Passing

1. Non-Contact Passing


  • 1 lateral pass
  • 2 diagonal pass
  • 3 lateral pass
  • 4 diagonal pass
  • Every pass is followed through with a run

Key Tips

  • Scan for the next pass
  • Play off the back foot to improve passing accuracy and smoothness
  • Belly button and nose over the ball to keep the ball low

2. Possession Boxes


  • Players have to stay in their box
  • Players are limited to 1 touch
  • The attacker who makes the error replaces the defender (holding a bib)

Key Tips

  • Early movement
  • Disguised passing
  • Always support the pass

3. Separated Zones


  • 3 teams of equal numbers
  • Pitch divided into 3 sections with a team beginning in each separated zone
  • Players in the end zone must combine with each other a minimum of 3 times under pressure from 1 defender before it gets transferred to the furthest box
  • The players in the middle box look to intercept the ball or win the ball in one of the possession boxes
  • Once the ball has been spoilt by the defender, the team who gave possession away become the defending team and re-home into the middle zone

Key Tips

  • Scan surroundings before the ball arrives
  • Use both feet
  • Recognize when to play through, around or over the defensive wall
  • Adjust practice – age relevant


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