Practice 1. 

crossing and finishing


-Use half a pitch .



-CM starts with the ball.

-CM passes out to either wing.

-The wingers pass back inside to the same supporting CM.

-The CM then switches play to the other winger.

-That winger in possession then travels with the ball and delivers the ball into the box for CM,FW and WG.

-Two defenders are live at all times.



-Change the pattern.

-Deploy more players.


Practice 2. 

crossing and finishing


-Set up the area as above.



-Two teams fight in the middle.

-The team in possession can score at any time playing centrally within the yellow cones. Every goal is 1point.

-The team in possession can lend the ball to the yellows.

-The yellows must deliver the ball to the correct box for the attacking team.

-As you can see on the diagram they can cross from deep, whip the ball in or drive into the box.

-If the team in possession score from a cross they get 3 points.



-Create 2v1 in the wide areas.


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