This training session is inspired by Bayern Munich last year in the UCL.

Drill 1. 

football coaching


-Set up the area as above, vary the size of the playing area depending on numbers and ability.


-The two whites in the middle try to keep possession of the ball.

-The whites can use the players on the outside.

-Outside players can play off one or two touch if you want.

-If the blues win the ball they keep possession of the ball using the overload.


Drill 2. 

football coaching


-Set up the area as above.


-Set up your team 433,442,352 etc.

-Players keep possession of the ball.

-On coaches command they look to break the lines.

-Ask explority questions to the players asking how this can be done?

-Once the line is broken the whites look to score.

-The blues defend the goal.

-If the defenders win the ball they must try and hit targets on the half way line. This can be either goals, targets etc.

-This was the numbers I had for the practice. You can obviously add or reduce the number depending on availability.

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