Play like Austria – Defending as a unit

1 – Possession Box


  • 5 Attackers v 2 Defenders
  • 5 passes = a goal
  • Play within the cones

The player who gives away possession plus the player to their left replaces the 2 defenders in the middle.

Players stay in the middle if the ball split the 2 defenders.

Key points

  • Nearest defender shut down the ball.
  • Furthest defender away from the ball, sits behind on a diagonal cover to prevent the ball going through the middle.
  • Work together as a defensive unit.


2 – Opposed


  • 3 – Attackers
  • 3 – Defenders
  • 1 – Neutral player
  • 2 – Goals
  • Play within the cones

Attacker attempt to build up play so they can play the ball forward to the neutral.

Defenders must intercept the ball going into the neutral but cannot tackle attackers (Passive defenders).

Attackers and defenders rotate positions.

Key Points

  • Check Shoulders
  • Nearest player goes towards the ball
  • Deny first, if you can’t deny then stop forward pass


3- Game

Set- up

  • 5v5
  • 3 Goals
  • Attackers try to Score
  • Defenders try to counter attack and score in the 2 small goals
  • Rotate roles so attackers are now defending and vice versa

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