Play like Italy- Defending/Pressure

With former Juventus legend, Antonio Cabrini as their head coach, Italy will be looking to not only be hard to beat due to their defensive prowess but for key players Elisa Bartoli and Elena Linari to certainly produce moments of magic. With a great mix of experience and youth, the Italy women’s football team have all the tools to go far in the competition.

1-1v1 opposed


  • 1v1
  • 15 by 15
  • Multiple footballs

Defender plays ball into the attacker, which then the attacker takes a touch and a 1v1 battle for the attacker to go and score. If defender wins it they can go and score.

Go back to opposite line.

Key points

  • Pressure ball as quickly as you can
  • Angle and speed of approach – force outside, low knees bent and body shape
  • Type and timing of tackle –delay, deny space.


2- 2v2 opposed


  • 2v2
  • 25 by 25
  • Multiple footballs

Defender starts with ball, plays ball into either attacker.

The attackers aim is to score in the goal, if defender wins the ball, they can go and score.

Key Points

  • Nearest player pressure the ball
  • Angle and Distance of covering defender
  • Delay and Deny space and time.


3- 3v2 opposed


  • 3v2
  • 25 by 25
  • Multiple footballs

Defender starts either side of the goal. Attackers in three lines, Defenders passes ball into any attacker then press the ball.

Attackers go to goal 3v2. If defenders win the ball they look to cross the half way line.

Key Points

  • Nearest player pressure ball – combination
  • Angle and speed of approach
  • Body shape to force play away or into other players
  • Distance and angles of covering defenders

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