Practice 1.

screening forward pasess


-Set up as above. You can use football cones as markers like the diagram.

-Vary the distances.


-The reds try to pass the ball to each other.

-They can do this by either passing directly to each other or use the whites.

-The yellows in the middle try to prevent the ball transferring from one red to the other.

-If the ball is central the yellows must prevent the straight pass.

-If the ball is wide with the whites they move laterally as shown in the diagram.


-Same process with back 3,4 etc.

-Add a counter attack 2v1 if the defenders win the ball.


Practice 2.

screening forward pasess


-Set up the area as above keeping the distances to around 8-12 yards.


-Place a red and white player at each end on the outside.

-They combine trying to pass the ball end.

-When the ball is one end the red and white player can swap places trying to confuse the yellow defender.

-The yellow defender must prevent the red player receiving the ball. –The defender will allow the white player to receive the ball but not the red.

-To help they must check their shoulders.


-Add a player also in the middle who can receive the ball causing even more problems for the yellow defender.

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