Players: 8 players (4 inside + 4 outside) + 1 Goalkeeper

What you’ll need: Cones, balls, bibs,1 goal and 2 mini-goals

Exercise description:

  1. The reds start with the ball and pass it to a player on the yellow team
  2. Reds will press the ball to avoid the attack
  3. Yellow team can play 2 v 2 or pass the ball to their pivots (3 & 4)
  4. Yellows can only score in the mini-goals
  5. If the reds win the ball can play with their pivots (3 & 4) or take a shot at the main goal
  6. Pivots can only make one touch


  • Press the ball
  • Cut the pass line
  • Turn quickly if the the opponent team play with the pivots
  • Attacking movement
  • One touch passing

Try to avoid:

  • Selfish play
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