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Louis Lancaster

I believe the training environment should be as close to the game environment as possible. Sessions should be designed intelligently with the sole purpose of adding value to each player. Training should be educational, challenging and realistic.

Robert Tejero

My speciality is the high performance both rehabilitation and sports training and I consider individualisation of training as the basis of my work. Due to training in individual/team sports made me develop very effective training systems.

Weekly Sessions

We aim to provide you with at least 1 session a week from our dedicated coaches and ensure no 2 sessions will be the same.

Innovative Ideas

Each of our coaches bring their own ideas and philosophies to better the performance of a player or team.

Printable Training Drills

All our training drills are compiled into yearly printable documents. You’ll be able to download at the end of the year.

Clear Communication

All our coaches make an effort to produce clear understandable training drills useful for all teams from grassroots to professional. 

Coaching Sessions

Forward’s Movement				    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	2.71/5							(7)

Forward’s Movement 2.71/5 (7)

This drill is aimed at developing a forward’s movement. There are three demonstrable examples to work on which can produce dynamic attacks for your team: movement with the ball, movement against the ball and offside to onside. Movement with the Ball Form a back four...

Winger Challenges

Winger Challenges

This drill focuses on winger-specific challenges that look to increase a wide player’s effectiveness through individual components including cutting inside, deliveries and running in behind. Cutting Inside   One player in the centre of the field plays the ball to...

Full-Back Challenges

Full-Back Challenges

This drill is position-specific and focuses on challenging the full-backs within your team, honing their ability to cross, block crosses and switch play to add new dimensions to your team. Crossing Set-up two coned lines forming a path towards the 18-yard box Two...

Passing and pressing 3 vs 3				    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	5/5							(1)

Passing and pressing 3 vs 3 5/5 (1)

Players: 12 players + 2 Goalkeepers What you’ll need: Cones, balls, bibs and 2 goals. Exercise description: Red team play the ball to blue team and then they will go to press. Blue team can play together or they can pass to the pivots and attack. The aim is to score a...

Passing and pressing 2 vs 2				    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	    	5/5							(1)

Passing and pressing 2 vs 2 5/5 (1)

Players: 8 players (4 inside + 4 outside) + 1 Goalkeeper What you’ll need: Cones, balls, bibs,1 goal and 2 mini-goals Exercise description: The reds start with the ball and pass it to a player on the yellow team Reds will press the ball to avoid the attack Yellow team...

Turning to advance

Turning to advance

Players: 4 players + 2 Coaching Assistants split into 2 groups Playing area: One half of the pitch What you’ll need: Cones, balls and 4 mini-goals Exercise description: Player 1 passes the ball to the coach assistant and runs towards him The defender runs behind the...

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