Learn how to inflate your Mitre footballs like the Mitre Impel or Mitre Ultimatch for maximum performance. The Mitre technician below takes you through the process.


Video Transcription 

Here I will like to show you how to inflate your new Mitre ball correctly to achieve the best performance and remain trouble-free.

To get started, unfold the ball with both hands, the ball will become softer to work with and this will also help to ensure the bladder is loose.

Before beginning inflation check what pressure is recommended for your ball. You may not have noticed but this can be found printed on the ball beside the valve and it’s there to help you.  The amount of pressure in the ball will significantly affect its performance, feel and durability. It’s important to note that under inflation will not hurt the ball but over inflation certainly can, easily damaging stitching and ball shape.

To begin first moisten the needle with Mitre Glycerine. This will enable you to insert the needle smoothly without damaging the valve or bladder inside, as well as clear the valve of debris should there be any. This is especially important on first inflation as all of the bladder can be punctured if the needle is pushed in to far before any air is pumped into the ball.

Continue to inflate the ball to its recommended pressure. This should be checked with the Mitre pressure gauge to ensure the maximum recommended pressure has not been exceeded.

Ideally, you should inflate and leave a match ball at recommended pressure for 24 hours before use allowing it to settle to size and shape. If you do not have a pressure gauge to prevent over inflation make sure that you can squash the ball with your thumbs, I’m sure you have even seen referees doing this before a game.

Ball pressure should be checked regularly and certainly before matches. High-performance football bladders are porous gradually losing air through the wall. Not only that but a change in temperature can result in a change of pressure so check the pressure outdoors. As we know ball pressure can greatly effect ball performance and feel.  For high power, we recommend that you inflate the ball to the maximum recommended pressure by the valve for more control often a pressure at the lower end is better.

That’s the end of ball inflation, go out and enjoy the game! 

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