Choosing what footballs to buy can often be a tough task. A mitre technician helps give his guide on deciding which footballs are right for you.

One ball not mentioned in the video is the Mitre Ultimatch which is available from our site.

Video Transcription

When faced with such a variety of balls it can seem difficult to decide ‘what is the best ball for me?’ Choosing the right ball is no less important than choosing the right boots, be it a kick about in the garden or a world cup final. Ball choice can make or break the game.

So what is the best ball for you?

The safe answer would be a match ball, its familiar- we all know what to expect of a mitre match ball. Designed to deliver a combination of high performance and durability, week after week for players of all ages and abilities.

For out and out performance you should look no further than a professional Mitre ball. Take the Delta V12 for example, it’s the F1 of the ball world. A flagship ball and it is best in class. It’s designed and developed for professional clubs and players with pure match day performance in mind.

The Mitre range of professional balls for different surfaces and conditions are engineered to the highest and tightest specification giving the player optimum accuracy, power, and control. But note this quality comes at a cost and rightly so.

Alternatively, place yourself on the training field. Put yourself in the shoes of a coach. Everyone needs a ball, some pitches are probably poorer, and others could be Astro. The player and the coach expect performance but the ball should be low maintenance. Hence we use higher retention bladders with lasting durability and reliability, to perform session after session.

Comfort and control may also be important, particularly for younger players or in freezing weather.  For that reason, we introduced foam light balls. Take the Mitre Impel football, for example, foam back for all weather soft feel.

We also have a specialist range developed for specific uses such as the indoor V5 for… you guessed it- indoor use. It’s got a mat surface finish to reduce slip and a 50% reduced rebound. The result, a more controllable ball.

Not only that we have the Astro division, ideal for all Astro surfaces. It’s easier than you thought.

Here at Mitre we like to think a good ball and the right ball for you is important, and when you choose the right ball playing becomes more enjoyable and the ball is forgotten.

For this reason, we focus on trying to make it as easy as possible to pick the right ball, printing each ball that you need with a usage guide to the surface, size, and category, as well as category-specific graphics.

You can also check out our website for more detail. 

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