Watford U15’s coach @Louis Lancaster has provided 8 fun sessions to help grassroots coaches get the most out of our range of speed and agility equipment. Not only is each session fun with a high intensity, they are also technical, helping to improve skill not just fitness.

You are able to purchase the speed and agility equipment here https://www.discountfootballkits.com/Speed-Agility-Equipment. Many products are available from speed and agility ladders to speed rings, hurdles, and slalom poles. There is a discount code available at the bottom of the page.

Speed and Agility Session Process:

In each session players simply follow the course, producing a shot to finish. Use these as guides and create your own, using the tips below.

Key: Orange/ red arrow= run, white line= pass

You can read Louis’ tips on how to get the most out of these drills at the bottom of the post.

Drill 1. 

speed and agility

Drill 2. 

speed training drills

 Drill 3. 

agility training drills

 Drill 4. 

agility training drills

Drill 5. 

agility training drills

Drill 6.

agility training drills

Drill 7. 

speed training drills

Drill 8. 

speed training drills


-Add goals, time limits, use balls etc.

-Make it competitive.

-Create realistic passing patterns/movements.

-Change the distances, duration and reps to meet the intensity requirements

 Free Delivery Available on orders over £99- UK Mainland Address. Offer ends 31st October 2013. 

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