Play Like Turkey – Killer Passes

1. Rotate with receiver


  • Play a soft pass to the spare side and rotate with the receiver

Key Tip

  • Receiver points and leans where they want it
  • Pass is soft and guided


  • If the pass is stopped on the gated line = team point
  • First box to 10 points

2. Stab Passes


  • All passes must be a ‘stab pass’ played off the front foot (laces)

Key Tip

  • Stab pass:
  • Drop body shape low / nose over the ball during contact
  • Reach for the ball with the nearest foot to the ball / nearest foot to the attackers feet
  • Add disguised ‘no look’

3. Key Tip


  • Pass selection
  • Shape on the ball – rolled, spin, aerial
  • Disguise passes opens up gaps with raised eye contact
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