What is Futsal?

Futsal is a variant of football that is played indoors on a hard-court floor, smaller than a normal football pitch. It does have similar features to five-a-side football such as the number of players (one goalkeeper and four outfield players) but no walls or boards are used.

The nature and rules of the game, such as the size of the pitch and the tailor-made ball, are used to encourage skill, creativity and improvisation. Typically, the better Futsal players have great technique, ball control and passing ability in smaller spaces as opposed to physical attributes.

Futsal Ball

One of the main features of futsal is the ball. Futsal balls are designed differently to normal footballs. They are typically size 4 and are produced to reduce bounce. This is done to encourage players to keep the ball on the floor and improve passing, dribbling and ball control.

Here are some of the futsal balls that we currently sell:

Nike Menor X Futsal

  • Designed for the small sided game, the NikeFootballX Menor Football features a 32 panel design with a textured casing for exceptional touch
  • Textured casing provides great touch and feel.
  • Low bounce bladder for excellent air retention
  • Official Futsal size and weight

The Nike Menor X Futsal can be found here

Mitre Delta Futsal Football

  • Professional level match ball for futsal to help players perform at their peak
  • New 30 panel design for a reliable performance and durable lifespan
  • Built for optimal control and close quarter passing
  • Hyperseam technology for optimum in play consistency
  • Tough PU outer offers optimum abrasion resistance on all Futsal surfaces
  • 4.5mm soft foam lining delivers enhanced control and cushioned impact

To view the Mitre Delta Futsal Football click here

adidas Confederation Sala 5×5 Futsal

  • The machine-sewn design is suitable for futsal
  • Machined surface for soft touch to high durability
  • Low rebound for greater ball control
  • Printed logo of the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017
  • Official FIFA and UEFA futsal ball

Click here to view the adidas Confederation Sala 5×5 Futsal

You can view all of our futsal balls on our website by clicking here

Futsal Rules

The basic rules of football still apply to futsal but with some significant differences. The notable rules are:

The Kick-In:

Instead of a throw-in, a kick-in is used. The kick-in must be taken within 4 seconds of the taker gaining possession of the ball. Another rule designed to encourage the ball being played on the floor.

Goal Clearance:

When the ball goes wide or over the goal, the goalkeeper must throw the ball back into play as opposed to a typical goal kick. The goalkeeper must throw the ball outside the penalty area within 4 seconds of having possession of the ball.

Kick from the second penalty spot:

When a team commits more than 5 fouls in one half of the game, every subsequent foul is rewarded with a direct free kick from 10m from goal (known as the second penalty mark). Opponents must be behind the ball and the goalkeeper must be at least 5m away.


A futsal team can make unlimited rolling substitutions but a maximum of 12 players on each team can feature in a single game.

Length of matches:

A futsal game is 40 minutes long but is split into two halves of 20 minutes with a 15 minute break in between. The clock is stopped for every dead ball situation which eliminates the need for added time.


In professional futsal matches, there are three referees. Two referee the game from the touchline (one on each side) and the third official sits on the timekeepers table and monitors the bench of both teams.

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