A step by step breakdown on the Van Persie free kick by @LouisLancs

Lose/Escape Marker

Know your players! If someone else was on the ball he may not have made the run. As it would Rooney, he knows he has the ability to deliver 

-RVP recognises the space in behind.

-He attempts to lose or escape from his marker to create space.

-Notice as the ball is being struck from Rooney, RVP is not even looking. This is a great opportunity to escape from defenders.

-He moves along the long the back line to avoid being caught offside.

Asses the flight

-Where will it land?

-Is it driven, lofted (flight path)?

-Is it swerving with inswing or outswing?

-Has it got undercut?

-All this information helps RVP rearrange his feet.

Make a decision

-Where is the defender?

-Where is the goal?

-Where is the goal keeper?

-What part of the foot?

-How can I score?

-Do I bring it down then shoot or volley?

-Have I got support around me.

The best players have the ability to change their decision at the last split second. 


-Hands out for balance and to fight off nearby defenders.

-Standing foot firmly planted for stability.

-Eyes constantly on the ball especially as it come over his shoulder.

-Contact must be clean (centre of the ball)

-Left foot is pointing in the direction he intends the ball to travel.

-Left foot is also pointing down to keep the ball down.

-Follow through to maximise power


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