The drills below are aimed at improving passing, crossing, goalkeeping, shooting, and dribbling. Each  of the drills are also position specific.

The equipment used in the individual specific training drills includes footballsfootball goals, and football cones.

If you have any questions about the training drills you can leave a comment below or contact Louis directly on Twitter.


transition games

Centre  Midfielders

transition games


transition games

Centre Backs

transition games

The rules for each of the sessions are as  follows;

-Players are ONLY allowed 20 attempts (10 minutes).

-Repeat practice 3 times during the week.

-You will find players are secretly competing against each other.

-You will notice the scores go up throughout the week 8/20, 11/20, 14/20!

-Change the sessions on a weekly basis.

-In time maybe let the players come up with their own.

-Let the players set up the practice and put it away giving them personal responsibility.

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