This week Louis Lancaster looks into position specific weekly challenges. These drills are designed for FW’s, CM’s, CB’s, and FB’s. These training sessions will help each player to develop in his respective role. The training equipment used in these sessions includes footballs, pop up goals, and football cones.


football coaching

Server hits a mannequin and striker finishes as quickly as possible for a point.


football coaching

Midfielder runs forward and tries to put the ball in either goal one touch for a point.


football coaching

RB tries to work a cross whilst the LB attempts to prevent the cross for a point.


football coaching


-Players are ONLY allowed 20attempts (10minutes).
-Repeat practice 3 times during the week.
-You will find players are secretly competing against each other.
-You will notice the scores go up throughout the week 8/20, 11/20, 14/20!
-Change the sessions on a weekly basis.
-In time maybe let the players come up with their own.
-Let the players set up the practice and put it away giving them personal responsibility.

Server hits a high ball to the CB who has to head the ball pass the coned line for a point.

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