Play like Scotland – Star player – Kim Little

1 – Unopposed


  • Grid split into 4 zones
  • 1 team playing vertically
  • 1 team playing Horizontally
  • 3 players from each team on inside
  • Target players on the outside
  • 25 by 25 grid

Players to transfer the ball from one side to the other playing through the 3 central players.

(The ball can be played backwards into targets to retain possession and target players can play to each other on some end zone)

Once ball is transferred target player exchange passes before playing back in.

Rotate players on inside after set period of time.

Key Points

  • Players try to receive in free zone.
  • Players rotate and change zones.
  • Players play off limited touches if receiving in an occupied zone.


2 – Opposed small-sided game conditioned


  • Area – Box to box length and width of penalty area.
  • Split into 3 middle zones.
  • Formation for each team – 2-3-1 and Goalkeeper within the zone.

Attacking team to try and score by playing through the midfield zone first. Once ball enter final third 2 centre midfielders can join into create overload.

If the team scores, restart from the Goalkeeper.

Key Points

  • Movement and positioning to create space or support
  • Angle of approach and triggers for movement
  • Passing and receiving techniques to retain possession
  • Communication between players.

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