Everyone who has ever played grassroots football has been on the receiving end of some bad challenges. That’s why we are looking to you- the grassroots community, to let us know which of the following fouls you think was worse.


You get the final say, who would you send off – Wayne Rooney, Boris Johnson, or both?

Boris Johnson

Yes, there is yet another humorous Boris Johnson clip doing the rounds.

Those who are not Boris Johnson fans may say the mayor of London’s footballing ability takes after his political career, he bumbles around for a bit and then makes a gaffe. At Discount Football Kits we think the tackle was priceless, so lets not listen to the critics!

We are, however, still trying to decide if his tackle was cynical or just poorly timed…


Wayne Rooney 

From politics to the heights of the professional game. Man Utd managed to just hang on for a win despite losing Rooney as a result of the foul above. Some have speculated that  Rooney simply did not trust Utd’s currently fragile defence, so he took it upon himself to kick out at Downing.

The most important question is this – Who would you send off? You can also comment below.

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