Secret Footballer: Who is the mysterious Premier League star?

Posted on August 27, 2012 by admin
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The mysterious Secret Footballer in the Premier League

One of the big questions making the rounds at the start of this season, just as much as who will win the Premier League or how are the transfers coming up this year, is about the identity of the man who is behind the columns appearing in The Guardian under the name of the Secret Footballer.

The so called man inside the game has created a sort of minor stir and while characters like this and fake Twitter accounts under the name of genuine stars have become common in the world of social media, the fact that an actual English Premier League player is the writer here, intrigues one and all.

The purpose of the player turning into the secret man who provides the inside stories of the Premier League, exposing its unglamorous side, is not just to bring a sense of peace to himself, but also tell everyone that the highly attractive multi-billion pounds world of football can be vicious at times.

Some sites exclusively dedicated to identifying the Secret Footballer have collected and analyzed his stories, his personal life details and little anecdotes which he has alluded to.  They are guessing that the Secret Footballer must be one either Bolton’s forward Kevin Davies, the QPR midfielder Joey Barton, or Everton‘s defensive midfielder Phil Neville.

Now that the book I am the Secret Footballer and the video of the man in action (his identity still not revealed, course) have been exposed, speculation has only reached new heights. And while the secret footballer has admitted that the secret will eventually come out, he hopes that revealing the hard cold truth will get him new fans and will fuel his new career off the pitch.

So, let’s speculate, who do you think the secret footballer is?

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