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We were founded in late summer 2017 after a relatively disappointing first season in the Sky Bet Championship.

Quickly, two other writers joined and they’ve been an integral part of the team ever since. One of them is even from Pittsburgh, America and quite often gives us an honest opinion from outside of the Midlands area. We started off slowly and integrated ourselves within a rich community through trying to engage via hosting competitions for shirts and tickets, and eventually our content started to get noticed.

“We’ve put a lot of effort in since our inception, including publishing almost every day during the summer this year and have surpassed huge milestones that we’d never expected to reach, as well as interviewing former players who we look up to as icons.”

The hardest thing about it is probably the fact we’re a completely opinion-based blog, we have our own opinions and share them to the Villa supporting masses – sometimes people really agree, but sometimes people don’t – and in the world of football, you can get some pretty harsh comments.

Hopefully in the future we’ll continue to grow, get more involved with the club and keep getting recognition for our work.

Be sure to check out The Claret And View website & Twitter page @claretandview


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