Influential Groundhopper Football Blogs to Watch in 2019

We have put together a list of influential football bloggers to watch out for in 2019 that specialise in groundhopping.
Each blog has been handpicked and range in size and popularity.

The Itinerant Football Watcher

The itinerant football watcher blog follows the football adventures of Peter Miles as he travels far and wide to football grounds across the world.

The 100 Football Grounds Club

(Formerly known as) “The number one Groundhopping blog in the whole of Christendom”

Steve B The Groundhopper

When I’m not working, or doing other things, I’m a groundhopper. This blog will record every new ground I visit for football, with a brief match report, ground description and a few photos. 

The Groundhopper

Tales from Sticky Palms, as he trawls the Midlands and northern England searching for the soul of football. Casual Non League Groundhopper. Lincoln City fan, lover of cricket and real ale. A bit boring really.

300 Grounds And Counting

Having managed 30 less ticks last season than in 2016/7, looks like I’m slowing down a bit! As well as recording my travels around various stadia, the general idea of this blog is to report on the availability (or not) of good ale and pescatarian food at or in the vicinity of grounds.

Where’s The Tea Hut

Uwdi Krugg is currently restructuring the Tea Hut blog for 2019 following a short break from the game. ‘Where’s The Tea Hut’ will be focusing on South West non-league following its success in covering football for many years in the North of England.


A long winded, self indulgent, bullshit blog, with added football content.

Damage In The Box!

The continuation of a footballing odyssey across home and abroad….

Pie and Mushy Peas

“Playing football is very simple, but playing simple football is the hardest thing there is” Johan Cruyff 1947 – 2016

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