The British Football Coaches Network

The British Football Coaches Network also known as the BFCN is a network to support British and Irish coaches not only in their home countries but also across the world.

The BFCN was started in 2017 by Matt Ward, a British Coach who has worked in two top tier leagues in Asia, China League One and Ghana League One. Matt had always been disappointed at the lack of acknowledgment British Coaches got, within the world of football. In addition, he was also tired of professional media and pundits claim ‘we need more British coaches to learn their trade abroad’, with the ignorance towards 100’s of ‘lesser known’ British coaches who were already working abroad at every level; grassroots, pro clubs and within National Teams.

The main aim of the network is to help connect coaches with each other, to support them in gaining extra exposure and recognition and also, to help open up more coaching opportunities and jobs.

“There are so many great football and coaching blogs around at the moment and our aim is not to compete with them, but to help support them any way we can and help to offer opportunities to gain more exposure for the coach or blog.” 

This is certainly made easier by offering a FREE App, for everyone to download and receive notifications when new content is posted.

In terms of the future, I personally have big plans for the BFCN. British and Irish coaches will be receiving even more value for less, and there will be some huge opportunities to gain even more exposure across the footballing world. I’m sorry I can’t go into too much detail right now, but all will be revealed very soon. One of my main aims is to find more ways to open up more chances for Coach Develop, especially for those coaches working abroad who at times, can be left isolated and frustrated through lack of opportunities to continue their development pathways.

Time will tell how this will all unfold, but my passion for this network will mean it continues to get stronger for its members’.

You can follow the British Football Coaches Network at, on their Linkedin page and twitter account @Britcoachesnet

Any inquiries can be sent to


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