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Slalom Pole Base

Product Code: SPBASESAM

Slalom Pole Bases are perfect for securing Slalom Poles during training sessions to ensure they remain in position and limit any potential interruption they may cause. Slalom Poles can often be affected by high winds, as well as difficulty inserting them into hard or artificial turf. Slalom Pole Bases eliminate these problems, making Slalom Poles less susceptible to the wind, as well as eliminating the need to place Slalom Poles directly into the turf, allowing the poles to be used on any surface! Its bright yellow colour ensures the base can be used in all weathers and increases its visibility. These bases are only suitable for use with 32mm diameter sized Slalom Poles.

Slalom pole base's are perfect for artificial and hard ground training where slalom poles are needed. Only suitable for Slalom Poles with a diameter of 32mm.

H: 28cm x Dia: 24cm