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Kit Creator Image Upload Terms & Conditions

1. General

By uploading an image or video you guarantee that you have read these Terms and Conditions for uploading images, photos and videos (Image/s) to the Discount Football Kits kit creator (DFK) and that you agree to abide by all clauses within these Terms and Conditions.
You also understand and agree that nothing in this agreement obligates DFK to display or use your Images.

2. Copyright ownership

By uploading an Image to DFK you guarantee that you are the legal owner of the copyright of that Image, or have been awarded full and unrestricted rights from the copyright owner to upload and utilise the Image for the purposes of the Discount Football Kits kit creator or any other distribution channels including.
Images that are considered to infringe the copyright or trademarks of other individuals, organisations or companies will be reported, and your details provided to the copyright owner.

3. Third party rights

By uploading an Image you guarantee that such use of the Image in the DFK does not violate the rights of any other party, does not result in a breach of contract between you and another party and that you accept responsibility for any royalties or fees due to any other party from the use of the uploaded Image.