Louis Lancaster – Level 5 Coach

Louis currently coaches at a Premier League club (under 16’s). He takes great pride in the time he has spent developing himself, and up there with his greatest achievements is to have been one of 16 A Licence holders to graduate from the world’s first FA Elite Coaching Award (Level 5).

This programme helped Louis formulate a clear coaching philosophy and to develop tactical experiences, while exposing him to new thinking – especially around player development. These are skills he utilises with every project he undertakes.

During his time at work with Brentford and Portsmouth U18s, Louis was invited by the Turks & Caicos FA to prepare the men’s national team for the Caribbean Cup 2014. Since then Turks & Caicos has shot up 26 places in the FIFA rankings – a significant achievement considering the team’s very limited experience and previous success.

Football is evolving and Louis considers himself to be doing the same. In pursuit of this ideal he recently produced a two year study of Bayern Munich; focusing on tactics, style of play and anything he spotted that was unique. The presentation that followed has been delivered on behalf of the FA to professional clubs up and down the country and has been extremely well received.

His philosophy can be summed up in one quote: ‘Relish the chaos and make uncomfortable comfortable’.

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