Price Buster


Size: 200 x 75 cm / 6.5 x 2.5 ft
Folded Dimensions: 150 x 15 x 15 cm
Weight: 5 kg / 11 lbs



Key Features:
Solid Pop Up Frame.
Telescoping Poles.
Extendable Crossbar.
Recoil Frame.
8 Shape Connectors.
Quick Launch Button.
No Pegging Needed.
Composite Materials.
Adjustable Strap.
Yellow Low Light Trim.
Lightweight and Compact.
Suitable for all Surfaces.
Safe for all Ages.

RRP £159.99

£159.98 each
£149.99 each
£139.99 each
£129.98 each

Bazooka Goal EXP 6.5x2.5ft

The Bazooka Goal ‘200x75’ is the world's first EXTENDABLE solid frame pop up goal with telescope folding. It offers variable goal width size for different age groups and skill levels.
BazookaGoal has merged the best of pop-up principles with traditional goalpost design. The result is the World’s first Solid Frame Pop-up Goal that does not compromise quality or that real goal-scoring feeling. Since 2011, BazookaGoal have supplied top flight clubs like Real Madrid and Liverpool.
This solid frame pop-up goal is ideal for small-sided training exercises that require fast and flexible set-up. This Bazooka Goal is made by an incredibly strong and lightweight frame that features our award-winning telescope design. The telescoping side poles and spring-coil technology makes the BazookaGoal pop-up in seconds and adds stability without the need of pegging the goal down, making it safe for even the youngest of players.
The quick launch button means you can enjoy a no-fuzz pop-up functionality, convenient shoulder-to-pitch portability, and compact size for transport and storage.
The BazookaGoal is suitable for all surfaces and ages.