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Mitre Goalkeeper Shirts

Mitre Guard Goalkeeper Shirt
 Mitre Guard Goalkeeper Shirt
from £16.69
  • Mitre Guard Silver/Black Goalkeeper Shirt
  • Mitre Guard Yellow/Black Goalkeeper Shirt
  • Mitre Guard Tangerine/Black Goalkeeper Shirt
  • Mitre Guard Lime/Black Goalkeeper Shirt

Mitre Guard Goalkeeper Shirt

Top class goalie jersey, with modern graphic design, especially for top shot stoppers.
Hard wearing, waffle textured polyester for enhanced durability.
Draws moisture away keeping the body dry and comfortable.
Elbow padding protects during reflex dives.

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Mitre Command Goalkeeper Shirt
 Mitre Command Goalkeeper Shirt
from £19.13
  • Mitre Command Tangerine/Black Goalkeeper Shirt
  • Mitre Command Emerald/Black Goalkeeper Shirt
  • Mitre Command Violet/Black Goalkeeper Shirt
  • Mitre Command Silver/Black Goalkeeper Shirt

Mitre Command Goalkeeper Shirt

High impact graphic in a selection of deep toned ultra-bright colours designed for keepers to stay visible to team members at a glance from over the halfway line.

This Mitre Goalkeeper Shirt is a hard wearing polyester kit with concealed elbow padding for extra confidence and a soft impact landing during dives. The easy-care fabric will wash well week after week, and is durable enough to stand up to any task.

The ultra-modern graphic sublimation print on front chest will make you stand out from the crowd and gives team members a clear view of your kicks, so they can be in just the right place for a striking finish.

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