Adidas Rain Wear

The adidas rain wear products are finalised with a water repellent finish, helping to resist the rainy days and excessive wind; offering you maximised warmth and protection at all times. Despite the highly important functionality features, adidas rain wear also maintains the iconic design elements. With a range of colours, enhanced designs and styles to choose from, adidas has certainly covered both aspects to provide you with outstanding value outerwear. Please note the adidas rainwear selection includes rain jackets, pants and outer coats, giving you all the protection you need.

Prevent foul and rainy weather from ruining your training session or vital match with the range of comfortable and highly protective adidas rain wear. When the rain is coming down, the last thing you want is to lose your team focus, and you won't need to with this highly-respected brand's comprehensive selection of rain jackets, pants and coats – whether you're on the pitch, defending in goal, or the anxious manager watching from the sideline.  Read More