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6 Inch Hurdle

Product Code: HUR6B

Dimensions: Height 15.24 cm x Width: 46cm. Sometimes you just need 4 or five of these to add a new speed and agility drill to your training sessions. This is a great way to add a few to your training cupboard, and to replace any from your set of 12 that have gone missing.

Perfect for any age from Mini’s to the vets in the local Pub team. Easy to store and lightweight to carry down the park. Agility hurdles are for speed training drills and faster stride rates and frequencies.

Set them up at 3 foot intervals for acceleration training or 4 foot intervals for spatial awareness drills. Use a smaller interval for Mini’s football. Try a one-step drill to improve recovery and a two-step drill to develop acceleration, then 3 steps on the spot between each hurdle for endurance training.