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6 Water Bottles & Collapsible Plastic Carrier

This pack of 6 Water Bottles & Collapsible Plastic Carrier is the ideal choice for football teams. The 6x Water Bottles have a large capacity of 750ml meaning they can hold enough liquid to keep players hydrated from kick off to full time. Remaining hydrated is essential for players in combatting fatigue, and reducing muscle cramping. Remaining hydrated also helps the body continually regulate the bodies temperature. Whilst also providing additional energy to players when it matters the most.

We sell 5 colour variations of Water Bottles which include, Blue, Red, Yellow, Lime, and Orange.
Also included with the pack of 6 Water Bottles is a Collapsible Plastic Carrier. The Collapsible Plastic Carrier is the perfect space saving solution in comparison to traditional Plastic Carriers which are bulky and inconvenient to store. The handle of the Collapsible Plastic Carrier features individual finger grooves which makes carrying more comfortable, especially over prolonged distances.

6 x 750ml sports cap water bottles and 1 plastic collapsible bottle carrier.


RRP £38.99
£14.99 each