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1 Colour Corner Flags

Dimensions: 44cm x 25cm

Wherever you do your team training, you will always need corner flags to run an effective training session. Flags are lightweight and easy to store. Keep them in a shoe bag with the Footballs, so you always have them with you.

The huge choice of colour means whatever the distractions around your training pitch, you can always pick a colour that will stand out. Don’t use green in the middle of a Park, pick red or yellow and for matches home or away, have a set in your Team colours.

Corner flags are an essential piece of equipment for matchdays to meet FA regulations. Our flags are made from an easy wash fabric which makes cleaning flags easy, especially in the muddier seasons if necessary. Being small and lightweight, these flags are easily transportable and space saving. Corner flags can also be utilised for training situations to help prepare corner kick takers for matchday situations, as well as aiding players by signalling wind direction so they can adjust their kick accordingly.
We stock a wide range of colours including Black, Blue, Green, Navy, Orange, Purple, Red, Sky, White and Yellow, meaning we have colours which will stand out, as well as match your team’s colours.

Easy wash fabric for rainy days when everything gets covered in mud. Throw in the machine and they will dry in 30 minutes hung up to air.


RRP £4.99
£2.99 each