Play Like Switzerland – Cut in to Finish

1. Cutting in to shoot


  • 2 opposite queues
  • Players have a football each


  • Hazard: Inside/ Inside / Outside
  • Ronaldo: Chop
  • Suarez: Fake shot / Cut

Once the move has been performed on the mannequin/pole join the opposite queue

Coach is in charge of making the players use both feet

Key Tips

  • Encourage players to stay low to improve acceleration on the last touch
  • Add disguise by approaching the defender with ‘eyes up’

2. 4 queues of players


  • 4 queues of players
  • A quarter on 1 red gate, a quarter on another blue gate
  • A quarter on 1 blue gate, a quarter on another blue gate
  • 2 goalkeepers
  • Coach calls Red, the 2 red attackers attack their mannequin
  • The coach then calls Blue and the process repeats itself
  • Players swap queue colours after each attempt on goal
  • Red to Blue, Blue to Red


  • Individual:
  • 1 point for a shot at target
  • 2 points for a goal
  • 3 points for ‘post and in’
  • 5 points for ‘double post and in’

Key Tip

  • Play your move
  • Execute with efficiency and speed
  • Game speed
  • Assess goalkeeper position during the ‘cut in phase’
  • Pick your finish (curled for corner or disguised whip near post)

3. Confined space


  • Short and small pitch
  • Players are free to roam
  • To score 1 goal, normal rules apply
  • For 2 goals a player must pick up the ball in one of the wide channels, cut in and finish

Key Tip

  • Encourage overlap, a 2v1 situation in wide areas
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