This session is deigned to help players improve their dribbling in 1v1 situations.

Equipment; footballs, football bibs, football cones, football goals


1. Rules:

-Red plays to yellow.
-Yellow drives forward to the line, performs a quick turn and tries to score in either of the two goals at the end at which they started..
-The red players becomes the defender and protects the goals as the yellow make his journey back once turning. If the red wins the ball they can score at the other end.
-Once the ball is dead the process is repeated, but this time the yellow receives the pass from the blue player.


-Drive at the defender with speed.
-Keep the ball close to feet so you can move it quickly.
-Timing of the trick



2. Rules:

-Reds attack blues 1v1.
-When ball is dead they return to centre circle and get another.
-If blues win the ball they must keep it for 4 seconds.
-Play for 2mins and then change over


-Same as previous


-Attack whatever goal you like.
-4v4’s using one ball. Reds looking to score in whatever any goal, with the defenders looking to get the ball in the centre circle either dribbled or passed to a player.


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