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Slalom Pole

Slalom Poles are the perfect piece of equipment to help aid your football training sessions. Standing at a height of 1.7m tall, and a diameter of 32mm, they are designed to tall and thin, maximising their visibility, without interrupting a player’s movement. Slalom Poles are used by top coaches to create varied and creative training drills which help keep drills fresh and challenging for players. They are also commonly used to help improve a player’s agility through improving their footwork in drills. Available in three eye-catching colourways including Red, Blue and Yellow, Slalom Poles can be assist in creating creative yet clear training drills for players.

We also sell Slalom Pole bundles with varying numbers to suit any training needs. Check out our range here:


Slalom poles are 1.7m tall with a diameter of 32mm.


Our slalom poles come in a variety of colours which, when combined, can help you create varied training drills and creative drills and exercises. The only limit is your imagination.

RRP £5.99
£3.95 each